FLATOUT Steering Wheel for Split/Bay Buses

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With a Black Anodized frame, Black Wood rim and Zero Offset, the Flatout Steering Wheel by VACP combines the popular all black style of the Raven and Blackout with the lower profile of the Flatline. Targeted for the Split Window Bus Owners, the Zero Offset works well for Bay Window owners wanting a slightly lower profile as well.  Available exclusively in a 17". As with all VACP Steering Wheels, the adapter hub and choice of horn button is included at no extra charge!

Available for: 

49-67 Split Window Buses

68-74 Bay Window Buses

75-79 Bay Window Buses

* We have found that in most cases, the Flatlout and other Zero Offset Wheels are preferable in mainly Split Buses. These can be used in Bay Buses, but a spacer may be required to clear the turn signal switch arm. Not recommended for Vanagons.