Window Cranks & Door Handles

Another VACP Exclusive! If you love our VACP Steering Wheels, wait'll you get a load of our matching Window Cranks and Door Handles! From Heritage to Raven, Rallye to Suede, we have you covered. All of our custom door handles and window cranks have been designed to mimic the style and feel of our custom steering wheels. Each set has at least two knob options. If you want to pair with a different knob than what is listed, contact us and we can make it happen! Early Beetle sets include two Window Cranks and two Door Handles. Late Beetle sets include two Window Cranks. Early Vert includes 4 Window Cranks and two Door Handles and Late Vert includes 4 Window Cranks. 

Mix and match to fit other models.  “EARLY MOUNT” will fit all Beetles, Ghias and T3 that mount using the pin behind the splines. “LATE MOUNT” will fit all VWs (Typically 68+) that mount using the center screw that screws into the regulator spline. This includes all Beetles, Ghias, Bay Window buses, T3, Rabbits, Caddys, Scirrocos, etc. will even fit Vanagons but may have clearance issues if speakers are in upper doors. If you have questions regarding fitment, please email us.